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Our reputation and standard of achievement ensures superior quality and exceptional service.
We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and exceed their expectations.
Our trained and experienced team are dedicated to giving you quality and Safe Tree Care Services.
Providing on site evaluation promoting the health, safety and vigour of your trees. We cater for all types of tree work from difficult and dangerous trees to small shrubs in your backyard. Some of our tree care services include Private Homes, Schools, Golf Clubs, Building & Landscape Architects, Body Corporates, Resorts, Real Estates just to list a few.


As specialists tree contractors you can be confident that we have the necessary expertise to provide comprehensive service.
Rigging is an essential part of this service, allowing us to carefully dismantal large, hazardous trees in confined, restricted spaces close to surrounding stuctures ie Homes, roofs, gutters, buildings etc This is done using ropes, pulleys and lowering devices.
Tree Rigging operations require the best gear for maximum safety & efficiency.


By employing an expert to remove any dead wood, dying or redundant growth within the canopy, the health and safety of your tree will be improved!
Proper pruning is essential in developing a strong structure. If correct measures are done whilst the tree is young it will require little corrective pruning when matured and reduce any future financial burdens.
The crown and roots must be in balance to maintain itself. Too many branches removed or the crown or internal of the tree is completely removed, better known as Topping or Lopping can drastically stress and weaken the tree causing it to want to replace the lost green.
These unsightly shoots developing profusely below a Topping/ Lopping cut is called Epicormic Growth. Improper cuts can also cause disease to the tree due to the large open pruning wounds.


As part of the process of pruning and tree removal, we have the latest equipment for efficiency and reliability.
The benefits of the Vermeer BC 1200 XL Wood Chipper (only currently 4 in Australia) are that it mulches from 13 x 17 inch logs with a 3 tonne winch attached to the back, compact and ideal for confined spaces.
Perfect for the removal of large and small tree waste. A great commodity for recycling mulch back into your gardens.
However, if you don't want the mulch left on site we are more than happy to take it away for you.
Mulch sales are also available!